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About the Hub


The Creative Hub is a growing and thriving creative community filled resources that help birth and reimagine ideas, visions, and brands.


Our culture is built upon a passion for delivering solutions in graphic design, animation, videography, editing, photography, web design, and consulting. 


Jamal Clark

CEO & Founder Of The Creative Hub

Jamal's creative career journey began in high school, graduating at 16. Despite initially considering law, he followed his passion for art, earning a degree in graphic & web design.

Post-graduation, he excelled as the lead digital designer at Food Lion, leading their app design and first website revamp since it launched. He then expanded his skills during a five-year stint at Rack Room Shoes, mastering videography, editing, and animations.

Simultaneously, he founded "The Creative Hub" as a personal project management tool for his personal clients. In a short time it evolved it into a nationwide platform for not only him but other creatives.


Recognizing its potential, he left his corporate role to operate full-time as the CEO, leading and overseeing creative projects.

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