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Working Together on Project

About the Hub


Welcome to TCH CLT Foundation or The Creative Hub CLT where creativity thrives and innovation reigns supreme. Our culture is built upon a shared passion for delivering cutting-edge solutions in graphic design, animation, videography and cinematography, editing, photography, web design, and consulting. We are a growing and thriving creative community, fueled by the desire to push boundaries and exceed expectations.


At TCH, we understand the importance of nurturing the next generation of creatives. We are dedicated to fostering growth through internships, mentorship programs, and valuable partnerships with schools and government agencies. By providing guidance and support, we aim to empower emerging talents and pave the way for their success.



Our mission extends beyond delivering exceptional services. We strive to make a positive impact in the world. By empowering creatives and organizations, we enable them to transform their visions into reality. Together, we endeavor to drive change, inspire others, and contribute to the betterment of our global community.


Jamal Clark

CEO & Founder Of The Creative Hub CLT

Jamal's journey into creativity began during his high school years when he graduated at the remarkable age of 16. Despite initially setting his sights on studying law, he ultimately chose to pursue his passion for art. He attended the Art Institute of Charlotte, where he honed his skills in graphic web design and earned his degree in 2016.


Following his graduation, Jamal secured a position as a digital designer in the corporate world, working for Food Lion. It was there that he showcased his talents by designing their inaugural mobile app and spearheading a complete website redesign. His exceptional work led him to become the Senior Web Designer at Food Lion.


Seeking to expand his skill set and explore new avenues of creativity, Jamal embarked on a five-year journey with Rack Room Shoes corporate. During this time, he self-taught videography, editing, and animation, further enhancing his capabilities in his role.


Simultaneously, Jamal embarked on a personal creative endeavor known as "The Creative Hub Charlotte" (TCH CLT). Originally intended as a platform to organize personal client submissions, TCH CLT quickly gained traction and attracted submissions from diverse sources nationwide. Recognizing the potential, Jamal assembled a team of talented creatives to collaborate on projects. The overwhelming response and growing demand inspired him to contemplate a transition from his corporate job.


In 2022, Jamal took a leap of faith and made the bold decision to operate as the CEO and Founder of TCH CLT full-time. Embracing his role as the driving force behind the organization, he has successfully steered the TCH CLT Foundation, leading talented teams and overseeing various creative projects.

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